Bathroom Re-Do- Shower Curtain Applique

As part of my long-term bathroom decor re-do, I also threw together a quick shower curtain. I couldn’t find anything I really liked, and just a plain white curtain didn’t really -work-. So when I came across a plain white shower curtain(on clearance at that), I leaped on the chance to create a design for it. My first thought was to carve a linoleum block and stamp it.  But I finally settled on doing a quick raw-edge applique.

They certainly aren’t the same scale mushrooms and snail as are in the mural along the floorboard, but at least they match at least in part! I still need to get a frame for the painting above the towel rod, probably a simple white frame to match the trim and fixtures. Once the humidity eases off, I’ll also take down the doors and give them a good sanding and coat of white paint.


  1. Luke

    You did a wonderful job on this, especially the toadstool. It all looks fantastic though, really fits in with the murals too.

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