Naomi Minner is a Florida-based artist and creative. She is inspired by her supportive family and friends, the outdoors, and an undeniable love of shiny objects to spend her life creating and exploring creativity.

Her addiction to creativity began at a young age. She remembers as a toddler, making, rather resourcefully, a necklace for her grandmother out of plastic beads and string; a necklace that her grandmother has subsequently treasured for over 20 years.

Over the last 12 years she has made jewelry, carved soapstone and linoleum blocks, crafted gourd sculptures, sewn quilts and clothes, and painted and drawn with a variety of different mediums, as well as having designed over 100 fabrics and surface designs.

Every form of creativity has its own challenges and rewards, and the simple act of creating, of making and constructing, makes her happy. Her favorite thing to do is to make gifts, as she thinks the best thing in life is to make the people you love smile.

Naomi has over 8 years of experience in graphic design, and has made and sold her art for over 12 years. She is licensed by several companies, both alone and in collaboration with her husband Luke Minner.