What is on the worktable this week

   I’ve been working for a few days on some linoblock designs, my first steps into an art form that I’ve found intriguing for some time now.

Those who know me well, are not terribly surprised that the majority of my designs are of mushrooms. I did mix it up a little and included a snail in the mix this time. Mr. Snail is rather my favorite of the four blocks, and prints up beautifully.

These two are my first and second blocks, I’ve learned a lot since these first two, carving technique, design dos and don’t. When you are learning as you go, and teaching yourself from tutorials and how-to articles, you make a lot of mistakes, though…as I’ve heard before “we aren’t making mistakes, we are making experiences”. I’m hoping to take a class at my Community College this coming fall semester, I’ve heard that they’ll be offering a printmaking class for those of us that want to learn more. I tend to learn hands on, so that would give me the opportunity to learn “proper” techniques, and the process a little better, as well as try out other aspects of printmaking.

I hope in the near future to start offering prints of these and other blocks in my Etsy shop.


  1. Luke

    These blocks look great, I especially like the snail. I’m looking forward to seeing what you work on next.

  2. susan

    naomi i am crushing on that snail!!! you definitely need to offer up prints of these, maybe even notecards?!!
    oooh or prints with some words of wisdom!
    you are so talented

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