*aaaw so cuuute!*

Raven at 9 weeks old-an early birthday present from my parents to me. Labrador Retriever- the sweetest puppy, she looves to give kisses. We’ve already started training some(I’ve had her a week now)- housetraining is going well. She is a chewer, and a wanna-be digger so when she is out you have to keep an eagle eye on her- whew. She looves the water- tonight she was playing in her giant water bowl and she proceeded to grab the edge and dump the whole bowl of water on the floor and started trying to play in it. So cute..hehe


  1. Martha Peterson

    Hey there…thanks for leaving the comment! I’ve been trying to blog and figure out how to use wordpress. I guess I should ask you, cuz you know a lot about it huh? Jordan has just bean learning about WordPress because of his hosting business, and now Me and his Aunt Elisabeth are his first wordpress “customers”…so he’s got a lot to learn still! 😀 So Glad to hear from you. I hope all is going well! It sure is going busy here, that is for sure! 😀 Greet your family for me! 🙂

    1. TheBellaModiste Post author

      Martha! I am so sorry I didnt see this until now- let me know if you still need help with WordPress! ^_^ I’ve been neglecting my blog, but still remember the inner workings of it all, haha!
      Lydia is growing up sooo quickly! such a cutie!

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