St. Patrick’s Cupcake Toppers

I had the perfect excuse today to bake cupcakes (though really, who needs an excuse to make cupcakes?…I mean really, cupcakes!). I was playing around today in Illustrator, and decided that I needed to make some really fun cupcake toppers for St. Patrick’s Day, and since I had a little free time today,  I went ahead and put together a sheet of designs to share with you all.

Shamrocks for each cupcake,  and a  fun bunting to go on a cake, or several cupcakes.  I had so much fun this afternoon getting these ready to share- I do hope that they come in handy!

I used the design from the embroidery pattern a few days ago, to create the matching cupcake topper. It took no time at all to print the page, cut out everything, and use embroidery thread, toothpicks, and some handy double stick tape(or if you like- glue),  to take my cupcakes from plain to fun! ^_^ If you have time to, you can embroider a bunch of the shamrocks, and make an awesome fabric bunting to go with your cupcakes, and throw a wonderful  St. Patrick’s Day party!


  1. King-Galaxius Stravinsky

    Wow! This is really cool! I tell you what: You are definitely the number one person to do stuff like this for tailgate parties. Have you ever done tailgate parties before? Wow! That is very creative. And, you did something different by having yellow frosting instead of the traditional green frosting.

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