Paper Flower Pattern and Sort-of-Tutorial

I was showing one of my younger siblings how to make paper airplanes one night a few weeks ago, when I found all of my origami paper. I used to know a fair number of patterns, the standard crane, along with a few others, but I haven’t done it in 7 years or so, and all of it has gotten pushed out of my brain, and been replaced by Illustrator, Photoshop, and various crafting jargon.

Pair a pile of origami paper, up with the fact that I didn’t have any flowers blooming in the garden at the time, and you’ve got a brilliant idea to make paper flowers. But how? I didn’t want to fold a bunch of flowers that all looked the same, that just wouldn’t be fun to me- I like to do something different every time I make something.

So I set to work, cutting and taping furiously, and about half an hour later, I had the first flower to show for my work…an attempt at a tulip. Skip to last week, I thought- hey, I’ll share this on the blog, oooh, but what if someone wants to make one too!? Cue pattern making. Oh Shoot. I know how I assembled this, but if I just supply the shapes, I need to throw in instructions. So- here is my attempt at making another pattern for someone other than myself to follow. Being wordy is not my strong suit, ever(thus, picture heavy posts), and explaining things I do even worse at- but I had a great writer proof this and he says this makes sense, so I think that I didn’t do too horrible a job explaining this time! ^_^

Clicking the images will take you to my Flickr Photostream, where you can download the instructions and pattern.

You are free to use the patterns, I just ask that you don’t repost and take credit for my work, however, if you want to repost and give credit- you are more than welcome!

I get asked, are you sure you want to share that, what if you decide to sell the pattern?

Well-I could hold it back and not share, letting it gather dust, or I could not worry about it, share it with people who can use it, and reinterpret the design into their own projects, and hope that they will honor my rights over this.




  1. Rebecca Valle

    Love your blog! You post very interesting projects, which I quite enjoy. Thank you.

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