Birthday Cake with Marshmallow Fondant Roses

For my dear sister’s birthday this past month, she requested a store-bought cake…and then the day before her birthday, said that no, in fact she really wants a homemade cake with blue roses on it. So my mother and I set to work,  mom baked and I decorated. From the start, I knew that I wanted to use a marshmallow fondant for the flowers, as I have worked with it in past, and find it easy to work with. Mixed to the consistency of Sculpey, it molds and shapes fairly easily, and is edible to boot! you can find a recipe here for it. I skip the vegetable shortening, and mix and knead with a spoon it while it is still in the bowl. When it comes time to shape and knead it with my hands, I coat my hands with powdered sugar- which does the trick nicely without getting grease on everything.

When she saw her cake, there was much excitement and squealing on her part. Slicing it was no problem, I worried that the fondant would just squish and make for a messy cut, but once chilled, and with a sharp knife, we had no issues.




  1. King-Galaxius Stravinsky

    Oh, my God! What a masterpiece! This homemade cake is not only beautiful, it looks absolutely scrumptious! I can imagine myself cutting into this decadent cake right now, adding five giant scoops of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream on the side.
    Even Haagen Daz sounds great with this. What did your sister think about the taste of this lovely cake? I never thought about fondant flowers on the cake! Totally genius! A few years ago my brother made a fondant cake.
    The cake was vanilla and the icing was fondant. It was one fun and chewy cake to eat.
    Even though I ate most of the cake, it was one of the most unique cakes that I have ever eaten in my life.

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