Mural Decal 1 of 4- Done

I’ve been working for a few weeks on redecorating and updating one of the bathrooms in the house. Even after removing the very outdated wallpaper border, and painting a much brighter shade of blue, I still have much to do. Part of the new decor will be a series of murals, depicting mushrooms, and various plants and a few snails thrown in for fun. Yesterday afternoon I completed the first of the panels.

Rather then painting the design directly on the wall, I painted it on to an adhesive backed fabric that we use for removable/re-usable decals. This way, when I tire of the designs in there, I don’t have to paint over them, losing all my work. Rather, I can just peel them off, and save them or move them to another room.

I sketched out the room, measured the areas I had to work with, cut my material to size, and just started sketching.

I laid down a thick base coat of color, and then working with thinned paint, applied washes to shade, and again to highlight, a time-consuming process to be sure, but gave me the effect that I wanted.  After I was done painting, I sprayed it with a clear coat of polyurethane to protect the paint from scratches, humidity, and cleaning.

I’m looking forward to completing more of the mural, and will share pictures as I get it all completed.