Retro travel!

I was so excited to win the Spoonflower weekly contest (eep! 8 weeks ago already!), so much so that it has really sparked some many more ideas.

I have 19 designs up on the site right now,  6 of which I completed this weekend…and expect to be in by next week. I’m very excited about this most recent collection…and am most eager to get it in and go over it with a fine tooth comb….:D

I’ve been contemplating all of the possibilities with my design work…not only can I offer my fabric, but embroidery patterns to match! I can just see my travel trailers hand embroidered, too fun!

As soon as I finished(well tentatively finished, until I get the printed fabric) this collection on Saturday, I started another…heh

This is opening up so many possibilities, along with learning more and more about my design programs it is forcing  me to think outside of the box to create *different* styles then I am used to doing. I’ve always kind of been stuck in the “must be realistic looking” box, it is really nice to finally break out and actually be able to create different styles…and have them turn out properly! 🙂

So, right now- lots of ideas rushing about in my head..bumping into one another and making lots of noise…time to post this and go write this all down so I can sleep tonight!

-The Bella Modiste


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