Cooking with Rum


Why Putting Rum in Your Food(instead of just drinking it) Makes for Really Good Results.

I’ve been finding ways to use up the bottle of Spiced Rum that was given to me for my “yay-you-can-drink-alcoholic-beverages-now-birthday”.

A few months back, I had gone to a new restaurant in town, for a photo shoot and review for a magazine, while there, I had the opportunity to try Bananas Foster. I promptly fell in love. I’m not one for eating bananas very often, they have to be just so- not to ripe, not to green, otherwise the texture totally throws me. Ever since, I’ve really wanted to try making it- the fact that you get to set fire to it-totally had nothing to do with that. Heh.

So last month, when dad walked in the door and set that bottle of rum on the counter for me(which, he bought, not because it was rum, but because of the fantastic bottle and label designs- GORGEOUS! ), I got very excited, because that meant, I only needed to pick up the heavy cream, and I could make the most amazing banana dessert known to The Bella Modiste. I mean, this trumps even Banana and Nilla Wafer pudding in matters of deliciousness.

The recipe came from Pioneer Woman, and cooks up beautifully! I didn’t get but a few steps photographed- a result of taking pictures, inside, at night, with horrid lighting. But Ree has all the steps(including the fun step- FIRE!), all photographed beautifully! ^_^


So would I make it again? Most certainly, it is a very simple recipe, with few ingredients, that takes maybe 15 minutes to make, putting it at the top of my “Must make again” list.



  1. King-Galaxius Stravinsky

    This looks absolutely delicious! Looking at this picture gave me an idea: This would make one mean banana cobbler. I never had a banana cobbler, but with the same ingredients, a banana cobbler or banana crisp sounds so good to me.

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