Would you, Could you

Pretty please vote for me in the Spoonflower “bugs” fabric design contest?

The design is Hopalong Cassidy By: Naomi Wilson….


*ahem*What!? I am a little bit excited! I already ordered a swatch of it, that will be in next week…..eeek!

I had so much fun designing, coloring and choosing the layout….

Hopalong is about 4 inches wide, so really quite large.

If I win….I’ll have another giveaway, this time for a fat quarter, eh a 1/2 yd!

Yes. I am unashamed in my attempts to bribe you. Completely and totally unashamed.

Now go vote!


The Bella Modiste

Edited to add:

It should be noted that the fabrics appear in random order on 3 pages, so you may or may not see  my design on the first, or even second pages.


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