Sneak peek of DQS8

I joined DQS8(Doll Quilt Swap 8 ) over on Flickr this month, and have had so much fun looking at all the quilts that have been started! I’ve finally reached a point that I feel like I can give a sneak peek of mine. Still so much to do on it.

But here it is! I plan to embroider the fine details, outline the mushroom, and will probably use a few different shades of brown to stitch the gills.   Of course I am going to add some detail to the door, it is to flat right now.

I’m fairly certain that those fabrics are what I will use around the center, but in what pattern I don’t know. Simple blocks maybe, or strips, but nothing to take away from the mushroom.

I really hope that my partner will like this, *fingers crossed they will comment* because you know, if they do not like it….I’ll just keep this one for myself….hehe

Because I know the question will be asked…it is just crayons on linen. I drew my mushroom and used a light table to transfer it to the (very thick) linen.

This is a first time technique for me, so I’m really hoping it works out, it is supposed to do just fine, if you heat set it(which I did).

I finally got some pictures of the vintage goodies I got over Christmas break… I fell in love with this little rabbit with the head of lettuce(or cabbage I suppose).  I really could not  pass him up! I was rather upset when I discovered that all of my pictures of him were blurry, that is what I get for trying to photograph stuff on a rainy day *sigh*.

Also….Purple cows. Yes, I have had my eye on a set of purple spotted cows on Etsy for a few months,and then, ka-bow! There was the creamer, along with the salt and pepper shakers  in the little shop that I found the dear little rabbit! *That* was quite exciting!

Anyways, I’m trying to get with the blogging world again. My year long blog break was rather nice, but I really lost track of a great many of my favorite blogs.

Oh! Before I forget….Welcome to my new blog! I’ve brough over all of my old posts, and hope to add a great many more in the following months!


The Bella Modiste


  1. susan

    oh sweet finds! i would love that wee rabbit myself. your shroom looks adorable. if you decide not to give it to your partner…you can always give it to a very special swap mama, bwa haha

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