Long time…

Sure has been a while….I really should leave a window open with my blog up, so I just *might* remember to blog…

In the time I’ve been *away* We’ve planned and cancelled a trip to the mountains, turned out to be a good thing we canceled. The nights we had planned to be up on the mountain, the temperatures were freezing….at the bottom of the mountain…so, yeah, we poor Floridians would have been huddled in the cabin, fighting over the TV remote, freezing our rears off….Not a pretty picture….
But! We had some exciting visitors last month…for oh goodness, close to a week or two…

Still not sure exactly what kind of hummingbirds they were, but there were around 1/2 dozen, several males, and a couple juveniles….very cool….Also got to hear them loud and clear, had no idea that hummingbirds were so *verbal*!

And this, no idea what it was, certainly looks like a type of warbler, but what kind exactly, mom and I can’t tell for sure. it was very flighty, and super hard to photograph….
Anyways, I hope to have more pictures soon, Raggedy Ann and Andy, a quilt on the frame, and a clean(getting there) studio…..
~The Bella Modiste
Also, I hope to be adding to my blog roll soon, so keep an eye on it!


  1. cliodhna

    I remember my first hummingbird ever, I was in Hawaii and I was twelve and this whirring buzzing thing appeared in front of my in front of a flower… magical moment

  2. Anonymous

    Great photography . One of Gods` gifts to us. The first time I saw a hummingbird I thought it was a big bug at a glance and then I focus and what a thrill .Love Grandma

  3. Licia

    I really enjoy the resident hummingbird here. Love their tiny high pitched squishy sounds. It always startles me when they fly by at some 10 miles an hour…but I love it!

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